You little wonder, little wonder you

I was gifted a wonderful little treasure by my good friend and adventure pal Chris.  This Rollei XF35 has quickly become one of my favorites and for the most part is in my everyday carry.  If you have never shot with the XF35 or a rangefinder camera I really recommend checking one out.  They are quite different from your regular point and shoots or SLR type cameras.  I really love the XF35 cause it is like a little ninja, it is compact and the shutter is quiet which makes it perfect for street shooting.  It has a beautiful f2.3 40mm Sonnar lens licensed by Zeiss which makes for some sweet photos, having f2.3 has also made for some rad night shots.  Thank you Chris for bestowing this precious cargo to me, I love it and it is now part of my forever camera group.  Below are a few shots taken with the Rollei on Ilford XP2 400 Film.