Merry Holidays to you all, I hope they have been well and you have experienced good times with people that you care about.  This has been my first holiday season in a new place far away from everyone and everything that I know in quite some time.  The past few years has brought on new challenges and adventures, lots of unexpected turns.  Christmas solo in Toronto has been different, lots of time to work in preparing for the new year as there are no distractions.  Had an interesting Christmas Eve spent chasing a young Raccoon around Queen and Kingston that seemed frozen and lost in the early hours.  I can now check off my bucket list picking up and petting a Raccoon and even taking one for a short car ride to get it away from that busy intersection into more of a quiet neighborhood not far from where I found it.  Met up with some new friends for Christmas dinner at a spot in chinatown for some family style chinese food, some new and interesting things to eat and see.  I am missing my people and send out heartfelt feels to anyone who is in the same boat.  Here’s to 2018 being fruitful and interesting, smell ya later 2017.